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St Ives papercut street map

  1. Intricate Paper cut street maps
  2. Original wall art cut from card
  3. Limited to 100 artist's cuts
  4. Handcrafted by the artist in his studio
  5. Made to order in your choice of colour
  6. Price includes FREE UK Delivery
  7. Express shipping to select international destinations

  • One of the most iconic seaside towns in the UK, St Ives is a magnet for surfers, holiday makers and artists alike. With its winding streets, art galleries and beaches, who wouldn't want a street map cut from paper to immortalize the town? Cut in the style and colours of your choice, it is guaranteed to make the perfect artwork whether that be for yourself or as an exclusive gift for someone with an emotional connection to the town.

  • Every artwork is intricately cut to order from one or more layers of premium card before being framed and mounted to your specification. The unique tools and processes designed by Andrew allow him to create a stunning artwork with an eye-catching 3D shadow effect, all onboard his floating home and studio, the barge 'Toggenberg'.

    Covering both St Ives and Carbis Bay, Andrew believes that as one of his all-time favourite stretches of the UK coastline it makes a great composition.

  • Design notes

    1. A stylised and curated representation of the roads, railways and footways of your chosen postcode district cut from a single sheet of premium acid-free heavyweight (Minimum 210GSM) card in your choice of colour
    2. Supplied with a second interchangeable sheet of acid-free card to act as a background, again in your choice of colour
    3. The card measures 30cm x 40cm (Either in a portrait or landscape orientation depending on what best suits the geographic location)
    4. Dimensions of the cut area within the card are approximately 30cm x 21cm (Again portrait or landscape orientation dependent on location)
    5. Designed and individually made to order in London, England on board boat 'Plan B'
    6. Primarily cut with a custom laser cutting machine to enable a level of detail and a price point that otherwise would not be possible.
    7. All designs are finished by hand using a scalpel, a steady hand & plenty of patience!

    Multilayer style design notes

    1. As per duotone above but with the addition of two further cut layers of premium heavyweight card that are combined to provide a stylistic representation of urban areas, green spaces and waterways

    Unframed orders

    1. Provided securely wrapped in robust packaging
    2. To achieve the intended shadow/3D effect & ensure longevity we strongly recommend that each layer of card is sandwiched & between separated from the next layer by a 2mm sheet of Perspex or glass.
    3. If framing using the recommended approach, please be aware that using a top sheet of anti-reflective/anti-glare materials will likely result in an effect you will find unacceptable due to the spacing between layers creating a 'fuzzy' view that will obscure the finer details of the design
    4. These products are in part manufactured using a laser cutting machine. This can leave a small amount of soot on the edges of the cut card. This is normal and care should be taken when handling these goods to avoid the soot being smudged.
    5. Important: These artworks are designed to be framed and protected behind Perspex or Glass.

    Framed orders

    1. The artwork will be supplied mounted in a modern dark brown (Almost black) frame measuring 43cm x 33cm x 3cm that is designed for wall hanging (Orientation dependent on the map design)
    2. Duotone style designs have the cut layer mounted between two sheets of Perspex and then a spacer between that and the coloured backing card to maximise the shadow/3D effect
    3. Multilayer style designs have a protected front sheet of Perspex and then each layer of the design is separated by an additional sheet of Perspex

    Mounted orders

    1. The artwork will contain a white single bevelled acid-free mount exposing approximately 29cm x 20cm of the cut card
    2. The mount will be sandwiched between two layers of Perspex that are placed immediately in front of the top layer of cut card

    Signed & dated orders

    1. In pencil, the artist will note the design (e.g. 'London E14'), sign & date the piece in the bottom right-hand corner
    2. If the work is mounted, the mount will be signed. If the work is unmounted, the top layer of the work will be signed
    3. Unless otherwise stated these are not numbered (i.e. not limited edition)

    Map Source

    1. These are produced works that contain information from OSM that is available here and made available under the Open Database License (ODbL)
    2. We use a scale of approximately 1: 20,000 as we found it provided the most visually pleasing effect

  • 1. Select your location

    1. Do this by selecting the product listed for the desired London postcode or UK town/city
    2. If it is for a location we haven’t yet curated (A product listing where you commission a new postcode or place), you will need to select your required postcode/place from the product options
    3. If it your desired location isn’t listed in the dropdown for a commission listing it means we have previously curated this postcode/location and it is listed elsewhere as a separate product with images of the specific design

    2. Choose your map style & bespoke options

    1. Use the guidance provided in the product gallery images to select the style, colours (Whether one of our suggested schemes or your own selection) and framing options
    2. NOTE: Our designs feature very fine dark brown or black outlines where the card has been cut. This is normal but if you wish to minimise visibility of this, avoid white or light colours on the top layer of the design (See colour selection guide image for an example of the outlines on a light colour)
    3. We are not expert framers but we have picked a frame and mount that we believe provide great value and please the majority of our customers
    4. We recommend you select an unframed option if you are looking for custom frame colour or materials, or looking to do something a little different (e.g. mounting the top layer in a transparent frame or adding a second aperture in the mount to provide location details)

    3. Add your order to the basket, agree to the terms & conditions, place the order and pay

    4. For the orders with locations not yet curated (A product listing where you commission a new postcode or place)

    1. If you are placing an order for a new location that we have not yet curated (A product listing where you commission a new postcode or place) we will need to create & tune the design template
    2. Before finalising the design and cutting any commission order, we will send you PDF containing a graphical rendering via email for you to confirm you are happy before we actually cut the design
    3. We use a standard scale of approximately 1 : 20,000 as we found that this provides the most visually pleasing designs. Please note that if your selected postal district is significantly smaller or larger than average we may either add an additional district, remove outlying areas or split the district into two designs (Supplying you with one of them). If we need to remove outlying areas or split into two designs we will get in contact to agree on design approach with you before proceeding
    4. Curating a new design can take a whole day working on it full time. We follow a 'first in, first out' approach so if we are very busy it could take up to 2 weeks for this (But should normally be less than a week)

    5. The design will be cut, finished, signed & framed and shipped (Based on your selected options)

    1. We ship via Royal Mail (Parcel Force) using a 'signed for' delivery service
    2. Please provide an address where the delivery can be signed for. If no-one is available to sign on the day of delivery you will need to collect from your local sorting office / depot or rearrange delivery with them yourself

    6. Enjoy!

    1. Occasionally framed artwork can move slightly the frame whilst in transit due to excessive movement and vibration. If this occurs, carefully open the frame and realign the cut card being aware that the edges of the Perspex/glass can be sharp.
    2. In the unlikely event that the artwork arrives damaged or faulty, please contact us ASAP (Definitely within 7 days of receipt) via the contact page or email and we will arrange return of the damaged goods and shipment of a replacement
    3. Please only hand on strong walls with robust hooks - the multi-layered framed cuts, in particular, will be heavy due to the fact that they contain multiple sheets of Perspex

  • Delivery details

    1. As these are handmade to order please allow up to three weeks for delivery (Although we will endeavour to get your artwork to you sooner!)
    2. If you have an urgent artwork related emergency please get in contact with your requirements including desired timings and we will see what we can do
    3. All items will be well wrapped and packaged to minimise the risk of 'accidents' occurring in the post
    4. All deliveries will require a signature upon receipt
    5. UK deliveries typically take 2 - 3 business days and international deliveries 3 – 10 days.
    6. We ship to the UK select international destinations via express services, please get in contact if you would like to discuss shipping to other locations.
    7. International shipping charges (all orders delivered to an address outside the UK) DO NOT INCLUDE the applicable import duties or taxes that are due upon entry into the destination country. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer, and must be paid at the time of delivery. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

    Returns & Refunds

    1. As these goods are bespoke (Tailor-made to order) we are afraid that returns & refunds are not accepted
    2. However, we will happily work with you to replace any goods that arrive in a damaged or faulty condition and do so free of charge
    3. See our Terms and Conditions for our full details of our Returns and Refunds policy as well as our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

  • Placement

    1. Whilst we use top-quality acid-free and UV resistant materials in our goods, for maximum longevity please avoid hanging the goods in direct sunlight, areas with excess moisture or dampness (e.g. bathrooms) or places with varying levels of heat (e.g. directly above a fire or radiator)


    1. Perspex, as used in our framed products needs care when cleaning as it is possible to scratch it. Please clean by wiping with a dry lint free soft cloth or with a feather duster.

  • Further information

    1. See our Terms & Conditions for our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer
    2. See our FAQ for more general information
    3. Please feel free to get in contact if you still have any unanswered questions

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