About Plan B Creations

Who are you?

Plan B Creations is the brain child of Andrew who lives onboard the boat ‘toggenberg’ with his partner Hannah and son Dylan. See About us for more a more detailed story of how Plan B Creations came to be

Why do you live on a boat?

We were looking for a simpler, lower impact lifestyle and our slightly alternative backgrounds meant it was an obvious solution. It is a fairly comfortable existence but does require a bit of grit and determination to keep it that way. Summers are beautiful but the winters can be hard work!

Do you really make everything on your boat?

Yes, much to the dismay of my long suffering partner. The boat is our home and the spare bedroom has been converted into a studio space, only reverting to its original form on special occasions! If the business outgrows it we are more likely to get a bigger boat than move it onto dry land.

Can I come and visit your studio?

Unfortunately not. It only fits one and is in the middle of our cluttered floating home. We may consider doing the odd competition to spend a day onboard to see how the process works and maybe a bit of fizz and a barbeque...


What is a papercut?

It is an art form originating from China where traditionally an image is cut from a single piece of rice paper. We have modified this somewhat to suit our needs, using high quality card also making use of multiple layers of cut card on some designs.

Do you hand cut everything or use a machine?

A bit of both but mostly machine. Typically we either hand draw and/or use a computer to develop the design. We then use a heavily customised laser cutting machine to cut the card stock. Once the machine has done its thing I then finish it off with a scalpel and very steady hand.

We have two main reasons for doing it this way:

  1. Our more detailed designs can have upwards of 150 meters of cuts. If I cut these by hand it wouldn’t allow me to offer them at even vaguely accessible prices
  2. Unless we use heavy cardstock we can’t make the design stable enough to sell whilst retaining the fine details we wanted to offer (Some elements are thinner than the card is deep). Heavy cardstock is really hard work to cut with a scalpel compared to the lightweight or tissue paper normally used for hand cut work.


What type of card do you use?

We use top quality acid free card to ensure maximum resistance to fade. We typically use 220 gsm or heavier card (About four times heavier than the paper typically used for hand cut work). All card is manufactured by FSC certified mills so you can be sure that from responsibly managed, sustainable sources

About the maps

I want additional customisation to a map design, can you help?

Possibly, it depends what you are looking for and how much time we have available! Please get in contact but understand that we will likely need to charge extra for any additional customization.

Do you offer anything apart from maps?

We will do soon! We have a lot of ideas but decided to focus on getting on perfecting one product set for launch.

Where do you get the maps you base your designs on from?

These are 'produced works' that contain information from OSM (Open Street Map) that is available here and made available under the Open Database License (ODbL)

Our work means that we get intimate with a particular location and sometimes identify gaps in the OSM source. Therefore we also contribute to its development by providing our own updates to it as we go for the benefit of future users.

The OSM foundation is run by volunteers and needs support to keep it running and making the map available for free. If you have an interest in cartography and are a keen to support the worlds biggest user generated map please consider becoming a member for just £15 per year.

Where can I find out about packaging, delivery, refunds etc?

We have added detailed information to each product listing

I've still got questions

Not a problem, please get in contact and we will do what we can to help