Plan B Creations is the online face of Andrew Fordham. It is dedicated offering beautiful bespoke papercut artwork, starting with a series of unique stylised street map designs that reflects Andrews interests in geometric design and cartography.

Thames barrier - London, England

All products are made in England onboard the barge 'Toggenberg' using only the highest quality materials, bare hands and a custom laser cutting machine built and refined by Andrew over hundreds of hours of experimentation.

Andrew Fordham - Exploring

Andrew has been passionately papercutting since the summer of 2015 when he found it as a hobby to keep himself busy whilst off work for an extended period of time recovering from a serious illness. At the time he was a middle manager at a multinational entertainment firm so this is quite a significant change in career direction!

Sunset canal view

Whilst he has a range of designs, the current primary focus online is with papercut maps, the first of which were warmly received by friends and family as Christmas gifts in 2015. The positive reception and recovery from illness gave him the push to go in a different direction from 2016.